The Zhao Zhao Assembly Hall

zhaozhao1The Zhao Zhao Assembly Hall (also called Bon or Am Ban Pagoda) is located at 157 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street. It was built in 1845 by Chinese Zhao Zhao overseas coming from Trieu Chau (China) in order to serve the community and religious activities of the Zhao Zhao people in Hoi An. It is dedicated to the worshipping of the God of Wind and Big Waves. The house’s owners hope this God will always bring luck to them and help them travel smoothly on the sea. Formerly, people often went to the house at night to pray as they thought that was the way for all their wishes to come true.

zhaozhao2The main hall is dedicated to General Phuc Ba (Bon Dau Quan), a God of mastering waters. The two sides of Phuc Ba’s altar are refined for worshipping the Gods of Wealth and Luck. The east-wing house is dedicated to former times’ sages, chiefs and deputy-chiefs of the house. The house is not big but it is beautiful and carefully designed. Its rafters were made in China and then transported to Hoi An. Every year, descendants of the Trieu Chau people gather at the house from the 1st to the 16th of the first lunar month to worship their ancestors.

The assembly hall has sophisticated carved wooden frames, beautiful ceramic reliefs, and wooden altars with different decorative designs depicting folk legends.