The Hainan Assembly Hall


The house is located at 10 Tran Phu Street. It was built in 1851 by the overseas Chinese of Hainan County, who resided in Hoi An to serve the community and religious activities of Hainan and Jialing people. This Assembly hall is used to worship 108 Chinese merchants who were unjustly killed because they were mistaken for pirates. Later, they were vindicated and named ?deities? by King Tu Duc, who granted the money to build this assembly hall in order to worship them forever.

hainan2Hai Nam Assembly Hall is located in an enclosure; passing through the metal gate and the square pavilion used as sitting room, visitors will reach a large yard with many ornamental trees and the east-wing and west-wing houses, as well as the main hall dedicated to 108 Chinese people killed at sea. The founders of the house are worshipped on the left of the main hall, and the God of Wealth is honored on the right. The house is roofed with tube-tiles and its frame is made of wood. A ?quan ban? (a kind of hanging) was transported to Hoi An from China.

hainan3Hai Nam Assembly Hall is one of the most interesting architectural works in Hoi An.