Asian and European food in Hoi An

hoi an restaurantFood is indispensable to all people but in addition to sustaining our lives, enjoying a delicious dish has become an art in modern society today. In each of different regions of the world, culinary art is not only diverse but also very rich. Tastes of the specialties of each region are different, but they have always satisfied all who have ever tried them.

Hoi An – a popular tourist destination has developed the services for its visitors, including its food and beverage services. Therefore, more and more restaurants have been established in Hoi An… such as Vietnamese, Asian and European restaurants budget and luxury. Tourists always feel at home and comfortable when visiting Hoi An.


After a long day of traveling, good food is what concerns visitors the most. But coming to Hoi An with its numerous high quality, there is no reason to about making a choice.


Kim Oanh restaurant is located at a beautiful place, near the old town, a small but neatly and tidy restaurant, interesting view, best service with professional chefs always serving delicious for everybody. Kim Oanh is a restaurant you should visit when coming to Hoi An.


Kim Oanh restaurant is owned by a friendly couple, they have been in the tourism business for a long time and are very enthusiastic, dynamic and hospitable, attracting a lot of customers. They serve all day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer serve Hoi An traditional food such as Cao Lau, Quang noodle, white rose… and seafood… but also they serve a lot of famous international dishes such as: pizza, spaghetti, salad, full English breakfast, meat pie and other European dishes.


Loving her job, loving her motherland dearly, Miss Thuy – one of the two owners of Kim Oanh restaurant never stops working, she often updates her menu with a lot of new delicious dishes. Every morning she visits the market selecting the best fresh products, ensuring both quality and food safety.


Known as a romantic tourism city – Hoi An is a great destination for tourists around the world. Coming to Hoi An they will visit cosy and charming restaurant to delicious creations of the local chefs. Kim Oanh restaurant should be one of the first places to go to for an experience of good food and genuine hospitality.


Address: 109 – Trần Hưng Đạo street – Hội An

Phone: 0510 3921 205 – 0906 872 205

Email: [email protected]

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