Vietnamese Coffee Ca Phe Phin

cafe1One of the great Vietnamese culinary pleasures is having a cup of inky coffee with condensed milk. Vietnamese Coffee is as much fun to make as it is to watch. A real treat, especially for those who enjoy their coffee strong and sweet. The coffee cup comes with a stainless metal drip filter on top that allows the coffee to slowly trickle through the press and into the cup.

What is a Vietnamese Filter?
A Vietnamese filter is a small coffee pot. It looks like a hat and sits upon the top of a coffee cup. Inside is a chamber for coffee and room for hot water. It is very basic and simple, and works!

What do I need?

cafe2A Vietnamese filter, coffee (optionally with chicory), and condensed milk. Condensed milk typically contains sugar and is heat processed with steam. Steamed milk has different physics from non-steamed milk and tastes better when used in coffee (ask any cappuccino drinker). This adds a wonderful sweetness and mouth feel to the coffee.


Step 1: Put about 1/3 of an inch of condensed milk in the bottom of a coffee cup. I prefer a glass cup since this is cool to watch! If you store the condensed milk in the refrigerator, it will get very thick but still work fine, and your coffee will not be as hot.

Step 2: Open the device and unscrew to remove the filter’s top screen.

Step 3: Place three rounded teaspoons of coffee with chicory OR three and a half rounded teaspoons of coffee into the device. Replace the screen and turn it until it starts to get snug. This takes a bit of practice but note, it should not be “tight” but snug.

cafe3Step 4: Place the filter on top of the coffee cup. Pour hot water into the device until it is about 1/4 full. Wait 20 seconds (yes, look at the clock). If all the water flows through in the time, you need to tighten the filter more.

Step 5: Unscrew the filter two complete turns. If it is too tight, you can typically use a quarter as a screw driver. Only loosen it two turns (but not less, either!).

Step 6: Fill the filter with hot water. Place the cover on and wait. Typically about 5 minutes. The water should not stream through, it should drip.

Step 7: When the dripping stops (i.e., all the water has passed through the filter), carefully remove the device, set aside, and start to enjoy. Then, stir up all the condensed milk, others leave it for the end.
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Where to drink coffee in Hoi An?

cafe4Hoi An has plenty of little cafes where you can relax and get a nice cold drink and enjoy great views after exploring the town on foot.Most of restaurants in Hoi An serve coffee. You also can try local taste in local coffee shops .

Here is a small collection of some cafes in Hoi An for both domestic and foreigner tourists

Ba Lu coffee shop
Add: 204 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Hoi An

Da Cuoi coffee shop
246 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Hoi An

Cargo Club Restaurant Cafe Hoi An
107 – 109 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

Streets Restaurant Cafe Hoi An
17 Le Loi Street

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