Hoi An, a small town in Vietnam. It’s indeed so small in size that the whole town can be explored on foot. Although this serene town’s people are believed to sleep early, the Night Life in Hoi An is quite energizing. With some great night spots, clubs, and bars, Hoi An has its own unique way to greet its people.

Even though Hoi An has a reputation as a town that turns its lights off early, there are three factors that make it an attractive nightlife location:

Number one, you can walk everywhere here as it’s small enough for a night out without the need of wheels and indeed the centre is pedestrian only – this in a country that adores motorbikes.

Number two, the beer in Vietnam is about the cheapest in the world – making just about anywhere in the country party central if you wish it to be.

Number three: bars. A few of the bars here have the tradition of playing live bands to entertain the customers. You can enjoy the music with chilled beer and some local snacks, which comes at a very low price.

For the most part, Hoi An is a town that sleeps early, but you can find a few good nightspots.

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