Cam Kim Bike Tour

Cam Kim Bike Tour

Cam Kim Bike Tour – Tired of being hassled by sellers everywhere you go? Want to enjoy something new and unique? Cam Kim, a beautiful carpentry island which is about 10 minutes ride by ferry from the city, is a must when you are in Hoi An. A pleasant ride to Cam Kim will let you free from the busy life in the old town. Instead of old buildings everywhere, you will enjoy stunning views of the countryside on Cam Kim island with beautiful rice paddies, cute water buffaloes, and friendly local people. This island is almost free of tourists and full of a chance for local culture explore.

cam kim bike tour

Highlight of Cam Kim Bike Tour

  •  Visit boat building workshop
  •  Cycle around the village to see rice fields, vegetable farms, water buffaloes.
  •  Learn and try your hand at a local traditional rice paper making with a local family.
  •  Pay a visit to DuyVinh village and learn to weave sleeping mat with locals in their house.
  •  Get to know more about Huynh family temple, a typical family temple of Vietnamese people
  •  Check out local’s rice wine and learn how to row the basket boat with local fishermen.
  •  Interact with local people and see the typical life here
  •  Cycle back along the country roads
  • Many photo opportunities
  •  Enjoy lunch with Quang noodle
  • Tour Price: 22 USD/ 1 adult.

Tour Detail of Cam Kim Bike Tour 

  1.   Visit boat building workshop

The fishery is the main occupation in Hoi An and fishermen love their fishing boats. Boatbuilding is a traditional occupation from 15th century here in Kim Bong carpentry village. Firstly, let’s see how they make the boats with their skillful hands.

  1.  Pay a visit to Huynh Ri carpentry workshop

Kim Bong carpentry village has been famous for its skillful carpenters with various stuff made from wood: furniture, religious statues, finely crafted wooden doors, wooden toys and so on. You will see how people here make this beautiful stuff by hands.

cam kim bike tour

  1.  Try to make your own rice noodle

Rice paper is everywhere in Vietnam. Let’s see how people they make it here and try making your own rice paper under locals’ instruction. The locals here are very hospitality, they would invite us to try some fresh rice paper with fish sauce also.

cam kim bike tour

  1.  Make sleeping mats with locals

No duvet or mattress, only sleeping mats are available in the countryside. Visiting this family to see how local people live here and trying to make a sleeping mat yourself are a nice experience you should have on this island. The ladies in the sleeping mat house are friendly and kind. They are happy to interact with you. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their life and their culture.

  1. Get to know more about Huynh family Temple

Vietnam is a religious country. Temples and pagodas are essential places for public worship. Let’s visit a family temple to have more knowledge about the architecture of Vietnamese temples as well as Vietnam history.

  1. Come back to your childhood at a kindergarten/primary school

Kids are cute and lovely everywhere. Let’s stop by a kindergarten/primary school and see how local kids here love seeing foreigners and love being photographed though the only word they know is “Hello”. We will have some fun games to connect with the adorable kids. What an experience!

cam kim bike tour

  1. Row unique basket boat with local men

Have you heard about the seven – hectare water coconut woods with the unique ecosystem of water coconut trees- Cam Thanh village and be so fancy with Basket Boat? Now, with Cam Kim bike tour, you also have a chance to learn how the paddle the basket boat along the water on water coconut tree lake.

  1. Have lunch with Quang noodle

Time for lunch! We will have lunch at the local place where is fresh and cool nearby the lake. The  real taste of Quang noodle from the local village is a great experience after a long ride.

  1. Check out homemade rice wine

Let’s Mot! Hai! Ba! Do! (One! Two! Three! Drink!)!  Vietnamese rice wine is so special. Are you curious how to make rice wine in Vietnam? Most rice wine is made in small home distilleries using either normal or sticky rice. The white rice is first cooked and mashed, then water and yeast are added before the mixture is left to ferment. The resulting broth is eventually distilled to produce alcohol. We have a chance to visit Mr. Muoi’s house who has 25 experienced- year in traditional making rice wine. Notes:

  •  Children’s bicycle available, 6 years and over.
  •  Bicycle with children’s seat available upon request.

cam kim bike tour

Important Information of Cam Kim Bike Tour 

  • Departure Time: 7.30 am to 12.30 am
  •  Meeting point: Our office at 567 Hai Ba Trung street
  •  Duration: 5 hours
  •  Transportation: bicycle
  •  Tour type: Join tour
  •  Tour Runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum 12 guests
  •  Available: every day 
  •  Distance: 10 km (round trip)

Tour Price: 22 USD/ 1 adult. Children aged 6- 10: 19 USD/child Children under 6: free (go with parents) Tour Includes: Bicycle,  helmet, English speaking tour guide, Vietnamese coffee, activities,  water bottle,  Lunch and  Many photo opportunities Tour excludes: Personal tip

cam kim bike tour

Please note

  • We do have bikes for children. If you would like your child to join the cycle ride, please let us know when we communicate via email how tall they are so we can provide them with a suitably sized bicycle.
  • If you would like your child to ride on the back of your bike, they will be charged at half price.

Why choose us?

  • 5-year experiences, we are not only professional travel company but also your local buddy
  • You don’t get harassed to buy things
  • 100% money back guarantee

On this tour, we give a small donation to the families whose homes you visit along the way. It’s a great way of supporting the local community, and you get a fun and informative morning in return.

TIPS TO BRING on Cam Kim Bike Tour:

  1. Sun protection creams & lotions
  2. Fully charged cameras
  3. Caps/hat
  4. Footwear – flip-flops, thongs, sandals…
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Comfortable clothes (not short skirt)

cam kim bike tour


Please fill in the following booking form and send to [email protected]

  1.     Full Name and Nationality
  2.     Number of participants: number of adults and kids (specific age)
  3.     Travel Date
  4.     Tour Option
  5.     Special Request
  6.     How do you know about us?
  7.     Hotel name and address

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