Top 5 Strategies for “hunting” review on Tripadvisor has long been no stranger to tourism businesses including travel companies, restaurants, spa, cloth shops, souvenirs shops,…If your business is in Top 5 tours or Top 5 hotels,…on Tripadvisor, then everything will be very convenient for you, just like duck in water. Tourists will come to your business, domestic and abroad travel business partners will find you as well. Your business work will be easy with sale and marketing part. You will have more time to develop new products, manage your service volume and customer care. That is the reason why you can see lots of short course called “Make your business successwith Tripadvisor”. Therefore, reviews, which affects numbers of your future clients, are always the first concern of businesses. The question is How to “hunt” reviews on Tripadvisor?

These are 5 strategies to get reviews on Tripadvisor. Ms Van- Founder and CEO  ofHoi An Food Tour would like to share with you

1. Tripadvisor Logo Everywhere

Tripadvisor Logo Everywhere means that do not forget to put familiar image of Tripadvisor logo everywhere, on your website, office, the front office, name card, email signature,especially when you have certificate of excellent or winner. Put it in a big frame and use it for your office decoration or highlight it on your website…Customers will have a liking for you at the first sight because they know you are self-confident about your service quality.

Wandering around Hoi An, you can see this action clearly everywhere in restaurants, spas, cloth shops or travel businesses. What you got on Tripadvisor is your honorable award whichis worthy to what you have done. You’d better show off it a lot, anytime, anywhere.



2. Send thank you email.

Send a thank you email to your customers as soon as your customers be back from their trips to show your gratitude to them for choosing you as well as to know their feelings after using your service or anything in your service need to be remedied (feedback). Do not forget to send them the link to write a review for you on Tripadvisor. Send the photos taken with your customers right away if you have. These photos will help your customers recall about what they have spent with you. The most important thing is that emails should be sent as quickly as possible to achieve the highest efficiency when their feelings about your products are still new and intact otherwise when they are back to their busy lives, the trips became their dormant memories.



3. Take good care of your customers

Serve your customers as sincere and good as possible. Offer them with free serviceswhich do not cost you a lot and inform them. Take those for examples:

Your guests travel for their honeymoon and book a deluxe room at Kim An hotel. At this time, your receptionist checks on and find out a suite is available then upgrade it to the guests. This makes your guests feel satisfied and appreciate.

The second situation: There is a group of three people booking a 4-seater car for Hue one-day tour. Yourlocalbooking booking office staff quotes 4-seater car price for 7-seater bus one to bring guests comfort without extras.

These small actions will make a difference. Your customers will remember you because of that difference, not because of the suite or 7-seater bus.


4. Encourage your staffs to “hunt” reviews.

More than anyone else, your staffs are those who gain the sentiments from your customers the most because they directly serve the customers, know what the customerswant,more or less have good memories with them. Hence, it is much easier for them to maintain contact and talk to them. You should commend and reward those who are excellent in attaining great reviews the most. This will help you get more reviews as well as raise your employees’ awareness about the service. For example, cloth shops in Hoi An have generous bonus policy for their salesmen: 120 thousand dongs for 1 review. Big shops like Kimmy, Bebe have been applied and got great efficiency for their businesses.


5. Keep in touch with customers through social networks

Add friend with your customers immediately as long as they got a facebook account. Post their photos on your fanpage on facebook and tag them in. This is a strategy called “one arrow hitsa hundred targets” (what targets they are, you must have known ;)). Note that many customers don’t want their image appeared on facebook so these pictures should be removed if requested and remember to apologize to them. Be guests’ friends by asking them, hitting the Like button, or commenting on their daily activities on facebook. If you are already friends with them, certainly, they will write reviews for you, right?

Hoi An Free Tour’s students, who volunteer to take tourists to discover Hoi An, did it well. Since they are students and do not have much money to broadcast their organization as well as do not have experience in business, they make friends with tourists through facebook, keep in touch with them and ask them for writing reviews. Therefore, their ranking on Tripadvisor moves up quickly right from its inception. The number of reviews is also very impressive, even overcomes professional travel company across the city.


To become a “review hunter”, be a real friend of your guests. “Serve your customers with all your heart”, said Nguyen Thi Van, director of Hoi An Food Tour, a travel company which is now on Top 5 tours in Hoi An. Then you know what you need to do now?! Good luck!

About Hoi An Food Tour

Hoi An Food Tour specializes in taking tourists around Hoi An by motorbike, 1 guest 1 guide enjoying dishes which are not in any restaurants’ menu such as baluts, mini savory pancake, bread,..and discovering places not in your guidebook. Hoi An Food Tour helps tourists enjoy Hoi An cuisine the way locals do. Their motorbike street food tour is a new product standing out Hoi An tourism market for the past year. The interesting thing is that their guides are in core group of Hoi An Free Tour. They are excellent students who always try to find their own opportunities to do the tour, learn English and learn different cultures…Now they are confident to make their own business thanks to their experience accumulated from their student time. That is so great, isn’t it?