Mid Autumn Festival in Hoi An

616402_10151877071084598_2106507746_oWhen you come to Hoi An during the mid- autumn, you can walk comfortably in the nostalgic atmosphere with throbbing drums. Most people spill out into street to watch Lion Dance and the children playing with the local lantern parade. Everybody delights to see the far away moon with the face of sister Hang and uncle Cuoi. The lions in Hoi An have an unusual feature private, beautiful and mysterious. They are made by hands and minds of the artists. Most lion heads are the product of the lion family heirloom. the famous maker Nguyen Hung in Cam Ha, the family makes and sells a lots to adjoining neighborhoods.

1277467_10151877062929598_1681419705_oLion teams Cam Minh Thien Ho, Lac Hong, and the martial art clubs such as Van Xuan, Hoang Loc…are the most famous teams in Hoi An in recent years. The people in Hoi An think that, when the lion visit your house they also bring good luck and fortune… Therefore, when hearing the drums thump outside the doors, they all open the doors to greet the lion. The Lion’s dance is gentle, natural with meticulous skill and reflects the comical nature of the Earth God.

1262656_10151877070069598_1559269281_oThe people who were born and grew up in Hoi An, have ever at least run and hold the lion’s tail. it is a childhood they never forget. The local boys are beating the drums with pride while the others are looking on with envious eyes.


The people of Hoi An love to celebrate the atmosphere of the moon during the mid – autumn festival. Everyone wants to enjoy the nostalgia of their childhood through the boisterous, the noisy gongs and busy atmosphere.


In recent years, the city has held the Lion Dance contest with the competing teams. Viewers enjoy the beautiful Lion Dance amorously. Mid- Autumn festival has become a warm time and friendship…when all the family members gather together to watch the moon, the children play with the local lantern parade and encourage the lion to come home.


When the lights are up in the old town, bustling drums around the corner, the streets become more and more crowded. With everyone having a date with the moon. Everyone welcomes the season of autumn with every space filled with the laughter of children and anticipation of all the best that the season brings.