Cau Bong Festival

caubong1On the 7th day of the first lunar month every year, both domestic and foreign tourists flock to Tra Que vegetable village in central Quang Nam province to join Cau Bong festival. The festival is held in honor of those who set up the village’s lucrative business of vegetable planting, and pray for abundant crops, happiness and prosperity. It is also an opportunity to introduce special vegetable products to visitors.

Villagers wake up early morning to launch a god-honor procession held in honor of their ancestors, who founded the traditional vegetable village 500 years ago. Festival-goers will have a chance to experience a day of living and working with the locals in Tra Que village, in which they will try their hand at actual farming by plugging the land, making beds, planting seedling and watering them like “real farmers”. The festival includes a boat race, with a wish for fruitful crops, prosperity and security for the local people.


Tra Que is a charming little village on the outskirts of Hoi An ancient town. It is famous for a variety of sweet scented vegetables that spice up the daily meals of the Vietnamese people. The vegetables are widely used in traditional Hoi An dishes such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles and rice pancake folded in half (and often filled with shrimp, meat and soya bean sprouts).

In the village, vegetable growers are called ?artisans?, not ?farmers?, because the entire farming process, from tilling the land, digging furrows and planting seedlings, is done with passion and art. All the herbs are cultivated with high technology, so the vegetable here are always tasty and fresh. If you come to Tra Que you will live in the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere and peace of the Viet Nam village.