Enjoy Ice – Cream Bar and Restaurant in Hoi An

If you are an ice cream fan, Enjoy Ice – Cream Bar and Restaurant in Hoi An is a great place for you to have ice cream in Hoi An. With more than 50 flavors, Enjoy offers you a wide … Continue reading

CHEZ MARCEL Restaurant in Hoi An

Located at 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc – Hoi An, Chez Marcel Restaurant is a quite interesting destination for tourists. Out of respect and love for his father, the young french man has named his restaurant after him. He wants to … Continue reading

Asian and European food in Hoi An

Food is indispensable to all people but in addition to sustaining our lives, enjoying a delicious dish has become an art in modern society today. In each of different regions of the world, culinary art is not only diverse but … Continue reading

Enjoying European Cakes in Hoi An

Hoi An Travel is evolving more, Hoi An cuisine is becoming an indispensable, a must experience for travelers. Thus, a modern and artistic style cuisine has come to Hoi An. After arriving in Hoi An, that art has changed a … Continue reading

Restaurant in Hoi An

Hoi An is famous tourist spot in Vietnam. It is a very tiny town with loads of tourist attractions. Hoi An is also a feast for the stomach as well as the eyes. Various international dishes are available in Hoi … Continue reading