Tips for Planning a Beach Vacation on a Tight Budget

Be your own travel agent! Tips on how to plan a fun and exciting trip on a budget, things to consider while planning, and a few online suggestions (websites) to help you along the way.

1.    Be Flexible With Your Dates

This does not mean you have to visit the beach during the off-season, it simply means you may visit during the very beginning or very end of the season. Or you can visit in the middle of the week, this will give you some of the best rates around. All airlines and hotels are usually not as busy during the middle of the week, and for this reason, will offer discounted rates to entice people to travel. Also, many hotels know that they will be in high demand over the weekend, so they can get away with charging outrageous rates those days, and can afford to cut back during the week.

2. Plan Early

Many hotels offer special Internet discount rates if you book directly through the hotel and if you pre-pay for your entire stay in advance. However, be mindful of the cancellation policy.

3.”Oceanfront” VS “Ocean View” Hotel Rooms

If you don’t care about a view of the ocean at all, it is almost always cheaper to book an interior room. If you do care, you will probably need to know the difference between the two!

Oceanfront hotel rooms usually face the ocean directly, and give you the best views. Ocean view could be a room with a side-view, or even only a partial view. These rooms are usually cheaper than Oceanfront, but the views range from decent to bad depending on how obstructed your view is by buildings, greenery, or other obstacles.

tipsforplan14. Plan and Research Your Dining Destinations

When you plan and research your dining destinations you will already know the food prices, and you might even be able to find coupon books for that particular restaurant. You will also know how far the restaurant is from your hotel, which is beneficial in case you have to budget for a taxi, miles used on a car rental, or gasoline.

5. Visit Your Beach Destination’s Official Website

The official website of the city you are visiting will often have special coupon books or visitors guides. You should have these sent to you about 2 months before you plan to go on your vacation to give you adequate time to look them over. These coupon books can often save you money on attractions, dining, and even hotels.

6. Buy Everything You will Need At Home, And Check Your List Twice

Beach cities and towns may have higher taxes, or necessities just plain may cost more than they do in your city. If you forget essentials, you may end up paying a premium for it, so check your list twice

7. Use Travelers Checks or a Debit Card To Pay

When you are paying for everything during your beach vacation with a credit card, it’s easy to forget how much you are spending. When you use Travelers Checks or a Debit Card you have to be more mindful, so you will tend to spend less.

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