The flower shops in Hội An

hoian flower shopsNowadays, instead of saying something, we often prefer to give flowers with countless of beautiful colors and scents we send each other hidden messages. Therefor, receiving and giving flowers has become an important part of our lives.

Although there aren’t many flower shops in Hoi An, they are still meeting the needs of the people both local residents and visitors. The flowers in Hoi An are mostly imported from Da Lat, Ha Noi, Sa Dec… such as Rose, Forget-me-not, Gerber, Carnation… others are being imported from Thailand such as Orchid, desert Rose… and some come from Cam Chau, and Cam Ha… Because the climate is hot and dry all year so preserving the fresh flowers is a meticulous process which requires high technology of the shops. For the transport of flowers over a far distance, it should be protected as a flower princess baby, difficult to care for and cherish.

flower shopsYou can go to the flower shop, select fresh Roses for your lovers, Gerbera for friends, or peony for your mother. If you have no time, simply make a phone call and 30 minutes later, you will have a colorful flower basket. You can choose a bunch of flowers or a basket of flower out of a variety of different samples.

Prices of flowers will not make you think twice. Except holidays, such as the International Women day 8.3, Valentine’s 14.2 or Teacher’s day 20.11 when prices will be increased , each flower will cost about 5.000 vnd for rose and carnation, about 3.000 vnd for gerbera . The flower prices can change much during the holidays mentioned above… The ordinary price from 100.000 vnd to 200.000 vnd or from 1 million vnd to 2 million vnd for special or rape flower baskets.

The famous flower shops in Hoi An

1) Kim Loan’s is at 9 Le Van Huu street.

Phone: 05103 864312

Flower shop ‘s couple Dong and Kim Loan is a reliable place for the office staff in Hoi An. They are very nicely decorated and always understand their customer’s needs.


2) Flower shop Mau Don is at 117 Tran Hung Dao street.

This shop is big and beautifully decorated.

mau don

3) Flower shop Luu Ly is at 175 Ly Thuong Kiet.

The shop owner is a cute girl named Thu, she is very creative and skillful and makes beautiful flower baskets.

hoi an flower shops luu ly

4) Flower shop Quynh Anh is at 34/2 Hung Vuong. phone: 0905142121

Near Vien Giac market

hoi an flower shop quynh anh

5) There are some flower shops at the corner of Hoi An market on Tran Quy Cap street.

Including 5 shops such as Chau Na, Vinh Loc…

hoi an market flower shopsDespite of the modern life with the changes, the giving of flower is a gesture of cultural values, we show each other respect. When someone holding a colorful bouquet in hand to give to people they love has become a beautiful picture and rich cultural values, waken of the value of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

A flower

Filled others with happiness

Not knowing it parts with pain and distress