The 5 best pizza delivery restaurants in Hoi An

the best pizza delivery restaurants in hoi anPizza – the dish originates from Napoli – Italy and it is a strong favorite all over Europe and America but especially with Italians. Since its introduction in Vietnam, it has become a firm favorite here too. The French brought bread and the Italians brought us pizza.

The pizza base is made from flour, water, yeast which are needed together carefully to form the basic structure. It takes 24 hours for the pizza to ferment properly, it is then baked in an oven, not too dry or brittle. A pizza sauce include: tomato paste, chili sauce and cheese. Pizza toppings includes: pork, beef, sausages, fish, chicken, or mixed seafood… including vegetables, olives or pineapple. The final product is usually served round and small, medium or large.

Coming to Hoi An old town, besides enjoying the specialties of Hoi An, you should not ignore the pizza. You can enjoy pizza at a fancy restaurants along Hoai river in a peaceful environment daydreaming with the flower lanterns floating on the river. Special, pizza restaurant owners deliver with professional style and fun.

The 5 famous pizza delivery restaurants.

The delicious pizzas will be delivered within 20 minutes after your calling.

1. Alfresco Restaurant.

Alfresco pizza brand is a guarantee of the highest quality in Vietnam. On every Tuesday and Friday, you will get 1 free when you buy 1.

IMG_8882The price of Pizza: from 135.000 vnd to 250.000 vnd.

Add: 43 Nguyen Phuc Chu – Phone: 05103 929 707.

Delivery time: 24/24.

2. Anh Tu Pizza.

IMG_8845Mr Tu is very successful in making pizza in Hoi An, main components of his pizza is: shrimp, Cam Nam fresh corn, mushroom… With a team of experienced cooks and delivery personal, caring… you will never forget the delicious taste of his pizzas.

The price of Pizza: from 69.000vnd to 99.000 vnd (size 25cm and 29cm).

Add: K134/11 Ly Thuong Kiet street.

Phone: 0501 2222 989 – Cell phone: 0972 75 72 83.

Delivery time: 24/24.

3. Bon Bon Restaurant.

Here is an address for gourmets.

IMG_8865The price of pizza: 100.000vnd (size 28cm) plus 20.000 after 10p.m.

Add: 253 Cua Dai street.

Cell phone: 0169 786 5352 – 0905 02 63 42.

Delivery time: 24/24.

4. Lua Mach Restaurant.

Along Nguyen Phuc Chu street near Hoai river, where gather many pizza restaurants… Lua Mach is a restaurant to service pizza for both local residents and tourists.

IMG_8875The price of pizza: from 79.000 to 125.00vnd.

Add: 55 Nguyen Phuc Chu street.

Cell phone: 0905 24 70 30.

Delivery time: 24/24.

5. Vu Tran Restaurant.

Just opening on the 19 of September but it has already attracted a good crowd of customers with a luxury and nice restaurant.

IMG_8833The price of pizza: 68.000vnd to 88.000vnd.

Add: 314 Cua Dai street.

Cell phone: 0905 33 39 21.

Delivery time: 24/24.

It is easy to become a Pizza lover in Hoi An with so many. High quality restaurants and chefs producing such high quality products… enjoy!

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