Legendary Hawaii guitar music

photo(1)_resizeAnyone who has ever come to Hoi An may hear the sound of music of this old town. The melodies sound sometimes rises, sometimes goes low, seems to be up in the air and freezes on the roofs of the ancient houses. The sound is said to be charming and dreaming. It is the sound of Hawaii guitar, a renowned legend of a time.

IMG_6180_resizeSince 1998, Hoi An old town seems to be revived and the sound of Hawaii guitar of artist Do Van Bung has helped to wake the old town up again. For last 15 years, the sound of his guitar has contributed to the restoration of the sound of the old town. Every fourteenth of the lunar month at night, at the corner near the Japanese bridge, you can enjoy Vietnamese songs such as “Dem Dong”, “Dung Buoc Giang Ho”, “Goi Nguoi Em Gai”… or foreign songs such as “Love is Blue”, “Unchange Melody”, “La Paloma”… He plays Hawaii guitar very well. The sound of his guitar flutters and makes you feel exicited like when you meet your old flame.

photo_resizeA Hawaii guitar is variation of the Guitar, with 6 strings but positioned horizontally when playing like the 16 Chord Zither. The sound of Hawaii guitar brings up the emotions and is unique. Almost everyone who starts playing Hawaii guitar can just play some musical notes or songs. However, Mr Bung is the only one who can play many medleys. He is also the only one who can make a Hawaii guitar. With a wonderful creativity effort, he seems to revive the legendary sound in each guitars.

The old town is a romantic place with a lot of shimmery lanterns and magic, and crowded with people. His melodious sound is played up and low, echoing in the alleys, on the old walls, on the roofs and into the hearts of the people. Both foreigners and Vietnamese are curious and full admiration. They had never thought that they could enjoy the guitar sound of the Hawaii island at a small corner of the old town near Hoai river.