Food court in Hoi An market

IMG_9456Hoi An has been a famous trading port for many centuries and as a result its market has always been associated with the exchange of goods from numerous countries. Hoi An market is gradually developing a deverse range of goods catering for the local residents and tourists. Although life has changed and become more and more modern, everybody still choose to shop at the market as a traditional habit


Hoi An market is located in the city center and has become a relic, Hoi An market is a very interesting destination for tourists especially the food court with its many popular dishes and specialties of the old town


In the early morning, the market is already crowded with many food stalls such as Cao Lau, Pho noodle, rice… It serves all day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coming to the food court, enjoying the delicious specialties, traditional food, you will feel as a Hoi An resident


The stalls are located next each other, in a small place but are kept tidy and clean, ensuring safety. You will feel very comfortable while enjoying food and chatting. What will surprise you the most is that the dishes are not only delicious but also very cheap and served professionally and with friendly hospitality. Not only that, they are also professional tour guides, caring about the tourists with genuine enthusiasm


Hoi An food court serves a lot of dishes of Hoi An. In addition, you can enjoy fruit juice such as: mango, tomato, papaya…or sweet soup as: red bean, green been… They will make you forget your thirst after you walk around the old town


You are in Hoi An and want to enjoy one of the local Hoi An specialties but you have not found an address yet… Hoi An food court of Hoi An market is the most wonderful you can  visit and the food court will make you feel at home in a company of your closed friends while enjoying a delicious meal.

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