Enjoying sweet soup on the streetside in Hoi An

sweet soup in Hoi AnWhenever, hearing “the broad bean sweet soup with ice” mixed the familiar sound of the old town. We recall the rustic and delicious dish of our hometown. It is actually a snack dish of farmers when they relax during their working. It is only a simple dish served on the streetside, but if you don’t enjoy it for somedays you will be craving its sweetness.

It is not known who named this dish with a name very brief but emotional with a buttery taste of beans, a fat taste of coconut water, the smell of banana oil and some other flavor. Sweet soup is carried and sold around the old town or at the corner of the market and street. Sweet soup in Hoi An is not a strange cuisine, is not the specially but you will remember it forever after trying. A glass of sweet soup ice in summer, a hot sweet soup in winter. Corn sweet soup is a famous dish in Cam Nam, mixed sweet soup in Cam Chau, lotus seed sweet soup in the old town, and broad beans…

Let’s walk to the famous small restaurants in Hoi An.

1. Le’s small Taro sweet soup restaurant

Taro sweet soup is prepared from taro, fragrant, tasty and buttery. Le’s small restaurant has attracted a large number of visitors both teens and adults. This small restaurant also has many other delicacies.

sweet soup in Hoi AnAdd: 369 Cua Dai street.

sweet soup in Hoi An2. Miss Truc’s small red bean sweet soup restaurant

She serves only red bean sweet soup a year round. Red bean sweet soup with ice in summer, and hot in winter. Her whole life has been associated with this small restaurant and people often joke with each other that “eating red bean will make you lucky”.

Add: at the corner of century old tree on Tran Cao Van street.

3. Lotus seed sweet soup

It is located near the old wall where a lot of people take photos, It is a famous small sweet soup restaurant for tourists near and far. Lotus seed is a luxury sweet soup which in the old days was only served to kings.

sweet soup in Hoi AnAdd: top of Hoang Van Thu street.

4. Mrs Muoi’s small sweet soup restaurant.

She serves broad bean sweet soup from 10a.m to 2p.m everyday. Specially Troi Nuoc sweet soup. Her small sweet soup restaurant is always crowded with people in winter.

sweet soup in Hoi AnAdd: 4 Hoang Dieu street.

5. Miss Suong’s small sweet soup restaurant.

It is on Tran Cao Van street, famous with mixed sweet soup delicious and cheap… She is very funny. You have so many choices to enjoy more than 10 delicious sweet soup. Her small restaurant is a gathering place for students after school.

sweet soup in Hoi AnAdd: 57 Tran Cao Van street.

6. Miss Lien’s small sweet soup restaurant.

It opens at 9 o’ clock at the corner of finance office. She serves for 3 hours.

sweet soup in Hoi AnAdd: 3 Nguyen Hue street.

7. Miss Sau’ s small mixed sweet soup restaurant.

It is located near the bus stop, the college school… Miss Sau’ small restaurant serves students, tourists and residents. She sells broad beans and green beans sweet soup. Her sweet soup is very popular.

Add: 18 Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Hoi An.

Enjoying sweet soup and chatting with friends is a pleasure that brings comfort and is relaxing. It is not only refreshing but also healthy.

A little bland flavor of sweet soup

Same as honey of love

Makes us

Forget unhappiness around

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