Discovering 7 live music coffee shops in Hoi An

The coffee shops have become the ideal place for having a heart to heart talk, private life, discussing work and relaxing… that may explain why more and more live music coffee shops are opened. It means, the live music coffee shops in Hoi An open with many different styles and have left a big impression in the hearts of both residents and visitors.

live music coffee in hoi anThe live music coffee shops in Hoi An have existed and enriched the heart of the old town with the sweetness of timeless love sing. This old town inspires a deep love of music in the people who live there. They spend a large part of the day listening to or playing music. Most tourists fall in love with to tone of the music and the way of life. The romantic melody of music represents the soul of Hoi An. Since then, the live music coffee shops are becoming “a spiritual food” of the tourists and the residents.

Coming to the live music coffee shops, you will enjoy the melodious music of the band, the thrill and bass guitar, the exalted piano… Each band of each bar has different songs, along with the veteran singers of the coffee shops. They sing romantic ballads and prewar songs professionally and a number of singers grew up in the musical movement of the city.

Guitar hawaii 1Guitar Hawaii coffee shop (at 3 Phan Chau Trinh street) is a bar, organizing live music everynight, serving to the entertainment needs of tourists, youth with a vibrante music style. You can come to Hawaii café everynight and you do not have to worry about hearing the same song twice. They have an extensive repertoire playing something different everynight. The vocalists of the coffee shop are: Thanh Muoi, Xuan Thao, Minh Khoa…

 Le Fê Cafétéria Hoi AnOne show at Guitar Hawaii

Le Fe 1

If you`d like to enjoy music every Saturday, you should go to Le Fê café (the name used to be Fê café). It is located in a small alley “Sica”. Le Fê café is a live music coffee shop of the My Phuong family singers, who have been famous in Hoi An for a long time. Le Fê café is a family of singers, a band and friends such as My Phuong, Thanh Xuan, Duy Dung (the champion Tiếng hát mãi xanh 2013). They are all talented singers, the twins Ly Hung – Ly Dung play guitar and organ. The success of Le Fê café would be flawed without MC Thien Cuong, a talented MC “the soul of the night`s live music”. He always keeps the role of a Master of Ceremonies, and will encourage and cheer for you if you are shy for the first time on the stage.

 Le Fê Cafétéria Hoi AnLe Fê Cafétéria Hoi An

Quê Nhà café of the singer Anh Tuyet`s brother with its nostalgic space with the simple and mild decoration is also an address that will please every visitor. It`s invested by the Anh Tuyet Band standard orchestra. The Quê Nhà café has gradully shaped its own style and succeeded in the path with originates from the mellow lyrical music. Every Tuesday and Friday evening at 8 o`clock, this place becomes a reunion of heards to indulge in singing, no appointment needs. In the morning or the aftermoon, if you like, you can go to this coffee shop to practice with the musicians and familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of music. You will feel more and more confident to sing a song which you love.

 Le Fê Cafétéria Hoi AnQue Nha Cafe

In addition to the live music coffee shops in the old town. There are a lot of other coffee shops outside the old town, but they also succeed in meeting the tastes and needs of the audiences. Crossing the Cam Nam bridge, Mien Du live music coffee shop is on Nguyen Tri Phuong street, Cat Tien coffee shop is on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Hong Dao is on Ly Thuong Kiet street and Thuong Uyen is on Hung Vuong street. Most of them organize live performances in the large space with a garden – style coffee shop, the visitors can express their voices and mix their feelings with the rhythm of such melodies as chachacha, rumba, tango…

The majority of the live music coffee shops in Hoi An are giving caring and service thoughtful. It inspires and helps you to become more confident in music… with the enthusiastic helping of the musicicans. Nothing more wonderful when you come to the café everynight to listen to the familiar voices and enjoy the coffee comfortably, chatting with friends after a stressful working day and do not forget an appointment for next week.

The entertainment of the café in Hoi An is very gentle but deep. It has characterized the old town. It has also contributed to the richness and diversity of forms of entertainment. Singing is not only a way to become famous but also a way to express your passion. Singing to love life and love the people more and more.