Decorating KumQuat tree in Traditional Tet in Hoi An

IMG_0087Spring – a very beautiful season that almost everyone loves a lot spring comes-signaling a new year is coming, everything also proliferates, plants sprout. Tet holiday comes – the traditional Vietnamese festival is always looking forward. Even when far away everybody still comes back to visit their homeland to be reunited with family and enjoy the fun together.


Hoi An is like that, they also prepare for Tet holiday thoughtfully and plentifully. They decorate their houses with lots of beautiful flowers Apricot blossom, Dahlia, gladiolus, peach blossom… and prepare traditional cakes such as: Chung cake, Tet cake. In addition, the KumQuat tree has become increasingly popular and stands decorated in a prominent position on Tet occasion. Today, the KumQuat tree also brings stable income to Hoi An farmers and it is exported to the provinces and cities in the country.


Even though the drylands of Hoi An are very suitable for planting KumQuat trees, everybody says that: caring of a Kumquat tree is like caring for a child with a lot of sweat to bring a good result on Tet occasion. Today, the KumQuat tree is considered an ornamental plant and a high art.


Planting a KumQuan tree, farmers have experienced to be very difficult and strenuous. Although Kumquat can be with stand the hash weather of the middle of Vietnam farmers still have to take care of and water twice or three times a day. Everybody believes that a Kumquat tree with a lot of big fruit during Tet will bring good luck throughout the new year.


On the days of October, November and December bussinessmen come to Hoi An to select Kumquat tree for resell on the flower market for Tet occasion.


IMG_0079Spring is coming to Hoi An – Vietnam, the image of Kumquat tree for the new year has become very familiar and close to everybody and every family. A Kumquat tree pot with green leaves ripe yellow fruit and small white flower beautiful smell makes anyone seem to welcome a joyful and lovely spring.





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