French photographer Réhahn cooperates with Hội An local government to organize the exhibition “Women of Vietnam” from July 20 to August 20, 2016. After 4 years living in Vietnam, he said: “I’m very impressed by the strength of the Vietnamese women. They work hard every day, everywhere in the country. I wanted to celebrate this feature of Vietnam with these photos taken from North to South of the country”. The exhibition boasting 40 photographs of photographer Réhahn is to honor the beauty of women in Vietnam, and to take a closer look at their daily lives. This event will coincide with the Vu Lan festival, the second biggest traditional celebration in Vietnam. During the festival the children of Vietnam express the respect to their parents, especially their gratitude to, and appreciation of, their mothers.

The exhibition is open for public from July 20, 2016 and displayed on the left side of Nguyen Phuc Chu street.

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Réhahn is a photographer from Normandy, France, based in Hoi An, central Vietnam, since 2011. He is particularly renowned for his portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India. He collaborates with the National Geographic and Travel Live on a regular basis for the purchase of his photographs. Numerous articles have also been published in the international media such as the BBC, the Daily Mail, Los Angeles Times, Foto Digital, Travel Live, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle, Paris Match, Marie-Claire, Esquire, Geo… totalling more than 500 articles and interviews during these last 3 years (which also include 40 television appearances on the Vietnamese national channels). The Photographer is also very active on social networks where he posts his photographs on a daily basis. His Facebook page is one of the most dynamic with more than 376,000 followers (as of June 2016).

Important dates :

  • 15th January 2014 : Publication of his book, « Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts », comprising of 150 photographs which depict the country’s diversity. The book, sold in 29 countries, became a best seller in Vietnam.
  • 25th October 2014 : Réhahn captured the photo « Best Friends » depicting Kim Luan, a small M’nông girl of 6 years, praying to an elephant. Thanks to the press agency Caters (New York), it was published in more than 25 countries across the world, and became the cover photo for prestigious media such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Times, National Geographic, to cite a few.
  • 2nd December 2014 : The renowned website, Bored Panda, ranked Réhahn 4th of the 10 best portrait and world travel photographers, just after Steve McCurry, Lee Jeffries and Jimmy Nelson. The article went viral and was translated in more than 20 languages.
  • 15th May 2015 : The photographs « Hidden Smile » (cover photo of his first book) and « Best Friends » (the small girl with the elephant) became part of the collection of the Asian House Museum in Havana (Cuba) as a result of the exhibition « Valiosa Herencia » (Precious Heritage).
  • 15th October 2015 : The photo « Best Friends » (1 x 1.5 m) was sold for 10,000 Euros to a collector in Rennes, France. The second copy was sold in Hanoi, thus making it the most expensive photograph in Vietnam.
  • 10th November 2015 : The second volume of « Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts » met great success with more than 500 copies being sold in the first month.
  • January 2016 : Réhahn was ranked the second most popular French photographer on internet (Source :
  • 8th March 2016 : The photo « Hidden Smile » officially became part of the collection of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi in the presence of French Embassy officials and some 50 newspaper and television journalists. Réhahn invited Mrs Xong (the 78 year old lady in the photo) to attend this ceremony, which was also her first visit to Hanoi. For more information: