Leather fashion in Hoi An

IMG_0217Mentioning leather, people immediately think of a durable, beautiful and high-class material. besides it is suitable for all fashion products. Leather fashion makes passionate followers feel “the older it is, the more beautiful”. Especially, craft leather has become a favorite of travelers when they visit to Hoi An. According to many people: “Hoi An leather products express a unique, quality which has no equal.


History has recorded and honored leather as a positive addition to fashion. Through the change of styles and designs the leather has always accompanied the fashion world, it represents an up-to-date material. It can be used from jackets, pants, shoes to accessories such as belts and wallets.


Cam Nam land is famous for local food such as “dap” cake and mussel. But this place is also remembered as the best leather shopping destination in Hoi An. Passing the narrow Cam Nam bridge, when you come to the end of bridge, Hieu Trung leather shop is on the right side. You should visit it to meet the owner and to explore the most diverse leather shop at Hoi An. In Hieu Trung shop, all products are made from real cow leather and have been made handled use the latest , the rest are sheepskin and pigskin. There are various types of skin, such as skin abundant snow, suede, leather wax, which are used to make products such as belts, wallets, bags, suitcases, backpack, bag leather for laptop, ipad, phone.


Visiting Hieu Trung’ s workshop and leather shop, the tourists will feel the love of the owner for his products which is shown in the thoroughness and put in produce. Specially, Hieu Trung leather shop can make leather products according his customers’s requirements, and always manages to satisfy.


Hieu Trung shop also offers leather products for around Hoi An old town. The price is reasonable. The owner of the shop will advise customers how to use leathers and provide ways to preserve the products to use for l long time. Hieu Trung shop always confirms its quality and reputation.


Shopping preferences seem to be an integral part of each traveler. Coming to Hoi An, shopping is also a way to preserve memories, mementos of the ancient town. Let’s enjoy your shopping experience in your own style. Hieu Trung shop will be a trust worthy friend of yours who can help you conquer the world of leather fashion.


Add: Hiếu Trung Leather Shop 20 Nguyễn Tri Phương street – Cẩm Nam – Hội An Phone: 0908 675 164 – 0908 437 182 – 0510 3936649 Email: [email protected]

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