Garment service in Hoi An

hoi an cloth shopYear 2014 – A successful year of  Hoi An tourism. It has contributed to the fame of Viet Nam tourism and has received praise from newspapers around the world. Therefore, Hoi An is a great destination for tourists. With the shimmering beauty of the famous former trading port of southeast Asia to attract more and more tourists. Coming to Hoi An you should not ignore the beautiful garment service.

 hoi an cloth shop

Fashion is an indispensable need of everybody, especially in this modern society. Fashion and especially shopping are also hobbies of many people, they are careful when choosing fabrics and tailors. Therefore, finding a reputable cloth shop is very important.

hoi an cloth shop

There are more than 400 cloth shops that to make the brand “Hoi An garment” such as Yaly, Thu Thuy, A Dong Silk… which have been established very early and are still very popular. They were followed by many other cloth shops that opened to meet the shopping need of the local residents and tourists. Minh Nhi is one of many famous cloth shops in Hoi An – a reliable destination, that opened 5 years ago but has already confirmed its style and prestige.

hoi an cloth shop

Located at 71A Tran Hung Dao street – a busy street with many shops, Minh Nhi is a shopping address you should visit when coming to Hoi An. Minh Nhi cloth shop is a luxury shop, decorated neatly and tidy with many different fabrics to choose and the fabrics of Minh Nhi cloth shop are very diverse and rich such as: cashmere silk, cashmere wool, Linen, cotton… Imported from Italy, France, Japan, Australia and high quality silk of Viet Nam, Thailand and Japan. With a team of professional family tailors, they regularly update with the lastest fashion such as: elegant vests, attractive dresses, suits, blouses and office fashion while also offering traditional fashion such as the famous Ao Dai.

hoi an cloth shop
hoi an cloth shop

Customers come to Minh Nhi cloth shop more and more. Minh Nhi always cares about her customers and serves them very carefully. She always says that: “each customer coming to Minh Nhi cloth shop is a king”. In addition, to the Minh Nhi shop has an online garment in Hoi An.

hoi an cloth shop

Coming to Minh Nhi cloth shop, the customers are attracted by a beautiful – graceful girl, Minh Nhi. She always satisfies all customers. Surely you will remember forever once having been to Hoi An – a peaceful old town and the friendly and caring service of Minh Nhi cloth shop.

hoi an cloth shop 
hoi an cloth shop

Address: Cloth shop Minh Nhi – 71A – Trần Hưng Đạo Street

Phone: 05103863759 – 0905265182

Email: [email protected]

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