Tips For Shopping Shoes

Tips For Shopping Shoes-2From zany sneakers, to posh Brogues, dress heels or flip flops, Hoi An’ s surfeit of shoe stores and designs to suit all walks of life.

Many designs are heavily influenced from European style. If you are looking for completely original designs and high fashion, check out more shops in Phan Boi Chau street. Like finding perfect tailor, how do you choose where you buy your shoes? And what features do you look for before footing the bill? Here is some tips from some owners of shoe shops in the town.

The sagest advice would be to inspect your prospective shoes carefully. Take your time and compare price/ quality with a few different shops. Most of the shoe shops in town are actually owned by a handful of people. You can check if the shops in town are actually owned by a larger player by simply asking staff if they have other outlets. Because the more shops they have, the ore experience the shoemakers will have and the better quality and value.

Tips For Shopping Shoes-3When you want to have a leather shoes, you should ask to see the leather first, feel it, and smell it. You can put a flame to it in order to check if it is synthetic. If there is plastic in it, it will have a nasty smell.  You also can test it by burning. Another recommendation is you see the leather at the shop to check the quality before having anything made

Moreover, when the design is complete check the stitching and gluing, shoemakers usually use both nails and glue to keep the soles sturdy. In this case you can ask the sale person to show you how it is made


Depending on the quality and the amount of labour involved, the price will range. Here is a rough idea of the scope of costs by shoe types:

Tips For Shopping Shoes-4
–    Slippers: $10-$35
–    Men’s work shoes: $45-$70
–    Women’s work shoes: $35-$65
–    Women’s with heel: $35-$85
–    Sneakers: $25-$50
–    Boots: $30-$150

Source: Live Hoi An