Water Sports in Hoi An

Games and sports are an important part of Hoi An people’s life. Hoi An is a small town located on the South China Sea. With clean beaches of white sands and pristine water, sprawling over a vast area, Hoi An offers a vast opportunity for various water and sea adventure sports.

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If you are the adventurous type, you can easily go for wind surfing, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing and snorkeling. The five star resorts of Hoi An have a wide range of recreational facilities, from Jet skiing, water skiing and banana boat ride to parasailing equipments. Although it might be a little expensive, the thrill you will experience will make you get back to the roaring waves again and again.

There are many other water sports practiced in Hoi An. You can take part in these games either for your pastime or in the tournaments as a professional. These tournaments and competitions are organized by the beach resorts, local clubs, and even the Vietnamese governments.

The best time to go for surfing is during the winter season. The surfing season starts in October and continues until April, at times even May. If you are interested in surfing, then finding a shop that sells or rents surfing equipments will be hard. There are several hotels that lend these equipments as well as provide trainings to those who are new to these activities.

To participate in the water sport games: jet skiing (water motor), canoes, rubber boats, kayak boats, flying umbrellas, skating, diving ( shallow & deep diving), fishing, flying kites, playing football on sands….at Cua Dai Beach & Cham Island

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