Top 7 nightlife in Hoi An

1. Q-Bar

nightlife Q bar Hoi An copyA lot of people love Q-bar and tend to drop in whenever they are in Hoi An. It’s a really trendy cocktail bar, the manager is very pleasant, a professional cocktail bar, with great service – and they loved the kids.

  • Address: 94 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Price range: $3 – $10
  • Cuisines: Asian
  • Good for: Bar scene
  • Dining options: Late Night

2. Tam Tam

nightlife Tam Tam restaurant Hoi AnArrive early to grab a balcony seat and wait for the fun to unfold. Tam Tam is an upmarket venue with a friendly atmosphere in what is one of Hoi An’s most popular night spots. Housed in a picturesque old building and despite having been around forever it’s still one place not to be missed. It’s not as loud as it used to be and is a lovely place to have a drink while you catch up with friends.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00-02:00
  • Location: 2nd Floor, 110 Nguyen Thai Hoc
  • Tel: +84 510 862 2212

3. Before and Now

nightlife before and now bar hoi anBefore n Now on Le Loi Street is a boozy hangout offering two-for-one deals and a four-hour happy hour! Came here a couple of times as the coffee was good. Tomato soup was lovely and the art was very unique. The tables are quite cramped, other wise no complaints!

  • Address: 51 Le Loi Street, Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Price range: $2 – $12
  • Cuisines: Italian
  • Good for: Bar scene, Large groups
  • Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

4. Mango Mango

Wonderfully located next to Hoi An’s famous Japanese Covered Bridge, funky Mango Mango is a stylish place to share a bottle of wine. Relaxing and chic, the red lacquer bar is smartly accompanied by cocktail tables and an extensive choice of drinks. Latin-inspired music adds to the ambience and there is also a selection of succulent food on offer.
nightlife in hoi an mango mango restaurant

  • Opening Hours: 08:00-24:00
  • Location: 49 Nguyen Phuc Chu
  • Tel: +84 510 391 1863

5. Hai Scout café

nightlife in hoi an Hai scout restaurantMany people ate here due to the BBQ and the kids loved the skewered meat. Good value and eating in the courtyard is a great setting. Good food quality Provided menu was offering such a long list of options: local and international cuisine. We recommend their spring vegetable rolls with three sauces. Wines also offered at reasonable prices. Service speaks quite good English. For you one of the best in Hoi An.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Location: 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street
  • Tel: +84 510 386 3210

6. Café 96

nightlife in hoi an cafe 96It may not look posh like Mango Rooms, Cargo or Morning Glory but it is the atmosphere of this quaint little place where the family will cook some true Vietnamese food and make you feel like one of the family. You can chat to the people around you and exchange places to go and places to eat. There are the famous marks on the walls with the dates that the owner will tell you about. This is when the river level (usually in Nov) rises halfway up the cafe!!

  • Address: 96 Ð Bach Dang Town Centre
  • Phone: tel, info: 0510 910 441
  • Dining optionsBreakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

7. White Marble

nightlife in hoi an white marble barFabulous wines and plenty of beers, spirits and cocktails all reasonably priced, this is one of Hoi An’s most tasteful night spots. White Marble is Hoi An’s first wine bar, located in a classily renovated heritage building. All the colour of the old town is on offer as you enjoy a fine wine and a light snack with views across Thu Bon River. Make sure you include White Marble on your tour of the old town.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00-23:00
  • Location: 98 Le Loi Street
  • Tel: +84 510 391 1862

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