My Son Tour Half Day

My Son Tour Half Day-2The My Son Sanctuary is a culturally amazing place to visit. The ruins here are one of many sites of Cham ruins throughout central Vietnam, but one of the best preserved and easily accessible. It’s beautifully green and verdant, with little development nearby. The views of the hills and surrounding areas are spectacular as well.

My Son was the burial site of royals since the fourth century AD and the heart of religious ceremonies for centuries more. Once an opulent complex boasting over 70 structures, today less than half of its original buildings remain. Imposing temples and towers stand next to haunting foundations of once-grand structures ravaged by wartime fallout. Amidst the rubble chipped and washed away by time, intricately chiselled stupas remain, with dancing deities and ornate scrollwork still reflecting a historically powerful kingdom.
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Private transfer from Hoi An city to My Son: 37 USD/ 4 seats car
Private transfer from Hoi An city to My Son- Da Nang Airport:    50 USD/ 4 seats car
Private transfer from Hoi An – My Son – Marble Mountain – China Beach: 57 USD/ 4 seats car

The ruins are in varying states of, well, ruin. Some of them are very well preserved; some of them are just stone outlines on the ground. The building material is a reddish orange brick; but with the humidity have gained black and green moss on the exposed areas.

Many of the buildings are religiously oriented, with artistic decorations and complex friezes. According to the guidebooks, most of the really good statues and decorations have been moved to the museum in Da Nang downtown, but you won’t miss them.

The ruins are an easy walk, very flat with no hiking. There is a rock paved path which can be followed easily to see most of the ruins in the best condition. Depending on the season some parts of the path are broken up or washed away, so this walk may be difficult for those who need walkers or wheelchairs.

 Tip: Hire a tour guide; you will understand more interesting history of the place. You will know the mysteriousness of building: How they could be built temples and towers with good bricks.

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The site itself is rather small, and you can explore the ruins in about an hour and a half.

Our advice is get there well before 8h45am so you have time to look around and enjoy the scenery before:
1. The other tourists flock in
2. The care takers start playing loud music
3. The day gets too hot


    Hotel pick-up and return
    Transfers from Hoi An to My Son and return
    Private car, driver
    VAT


    Tour Guide
    My Son entrance ticket VND 60,000
    Drinks, Personal expenses, Tip
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