Discovery traveling with Hoi An Easy Rider

1899248_659234817523225_1029634991657375516_oVietNam with a complex mountainous terrain and diverse cultures of the 54 ethnic groups is always an exciting thing for those who love to learn and explore. To enjoy life and the culture of VietNam, nothing is more amazing than discovering “ easy rider backpacking tour” with Pham’ Family  Motorbike Tour and a professional tour leader Andy Pham



With only 5 years working, the experience of Pham’s Family Motorbike Tour is well recognized by the entire Hoi An Easy Rider community. Pham’s Family Motorbike Tour is the best choice for a growing number of tourists from such countries as: Holland, Germany , Australia… . With a team of 20 professional riders fluent in foreign languages and experience in life, they become the friends you trust on your travel. You feel more interested and satisfied with an experience tour leader as Andy Pham during all the trip around Viet Nam


The first meeting with Andy Pham, a style “ cowboy” but full maturity will quickly make you feel comfortable. Andy Pham always shows his understanding and experience through each trip. He is a confident, humble and successful tour leader. With a dream to write the name of Viet Nam tourism on the tour world map


You will be confident and enjoy the novelty of each region that Andy Pham will take you to on his comfortable L.A 250cc MotorHonda. He is absolutely careful across the winding mountain passes and the adventurous terrain, you will get to enjoy more unique culture of the ethnic minorities and the highland: eating meal and chatting with the local in their home


You can relax on back of the professional rider or ride by yourself following tour leader Andy Pham. With more understanding, Andy Pham will guide you all the places you want to discover. He has ever spent a 23 days discover the North and the West  highland trip, the most scenic of Viet Nam. Getting in touch with many foreign tourists, Andy Pham has learnt many new things from their countries. He is a teacher as well as a student


Only 90 USD per day for each trip, include hotel fee, visiting and discovering to explore all of adventure places. Pham’s Family Motorbike Tour always make tourists feel comfortable. You will be taken photos, enjoyed and visited wonderful everything during  the trip. Discovering the culture of each region to have more understanding of your life


     Everybody says that, Hoi An Easy Rider is a bridge to connect the culture of the region, Andy Pham is really a perfect messenger of that colored bridge. Traveling to discover, to learn the way of life which Andy Pham has continued to carry out. Tourists around the world will be people who continue to help a dream of his, and visitors are also messengers of the discovery journey with Pham’s Family Motorbike Tour in Hoi An.


“Proud to be your truly local guide”