Basket Boat Tour (Thung Chai Tour)

Basket Boat Tour (Thung Chai Tour)-23
The Basket Boat is known locally as “Thung Chai” and is very popular among the local fishermen in the central regions of Viet Nam. The local fishermen really like to use it because it is very mobile and convenient, as it can easily transport people from their big boats to the land. Furthermore, the fishermen use it to catch fish with the fishing net and to carry oil, wood, food and other things they might need while fishing. The shape of the Basket Boat is to be re-tarred every 6 months, depending on how one much care one puts in using it. The safe capacity is normally 5 people per Boat (4 guests + 1 rider).  In order to learn how to have a go at it, you must have a practice round first, and then go for the real thing the second time. It will certainly be a lot of fun, with loads of spinning around as the boat will madly go round and round and round.  In fact, the Basket Boat is also called “The Round Boat”, for obvious reasons. Another name for it is “The Coracle Boat”, from Wales in The Great Britain.

The Basket Boat is a unique and very interesting eco-tour STRONGLY recommended to groups of travelers and to companies looking at organizing Team Buildings or other activities on the river or sea, with the purpose of having fun and special experiences.

Trip price:  please enquire for availabilities & the most updated price


– English or French speaking guides. Other languages are available upon request.
– Car transfer.
– Snacks, beer or soda
– Life Jackets
– Passenger Insurance


–    Personal expenses
–    Tip