Spa in Hoi An

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A spa is a place for health and personal treatments and well-being. Water usually plays an essential part, with hot and cold pools and tubs. There are often different kinds of massages and skin treatments available in Hoi An. Don’t miss!

Tips before going to a spa

It is recommendable to start a spa treatment with warm muscles and a hot body, which will increase the effectiveness of many spa treatments. Work up a sweat or spend some time in a steam bath or sauna.

Do not shower right after treatment. Most spa treatments use products which are meant to stay in the skin for several hours.

We’ve listed a wide range of options in experience and price to help you make your choice.

Add: 463 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An
Price: $3-$30spa in hoi an-3With more than 5 locations in Hoi An, Na Spa Beauty is well known by local and tourists alike. They offer guests an entrée into a world of tranquility and rejuvenation. Our menu includes blissful foot and hand treatment, fragrant oil massages, radiant facials and mcuh more. Choose your preferred treatments and let our professionally trained therapists guide you on a pathway of renewal.Check their branches here
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You are welcome at the spa centre no matter if you are a guest at the hotel or not. Palm spa center offer a range of services, from pampering by the swimming pool and therapeutic massage to exercise and holistic healing.

You can choose among massages, body wraps, facials and treatment for hands and feet. Before or after a special treatment, the centre offers steam bath, saunarium, Finnish sauna, icy pool, outdoor pool and a fitness room.

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Treat you like a local buddy!

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Aly Spa

Add: 49 Ba Trieu st, Hoi An
Price: 10$-60$

Different from other modern spas, Aly Spa with the bold orient we neither use modern machines nor cosmetic. They only use large sources of natural herbs together with skilled techniques combined with the traditional art of massage to make you release from ache and tiredness in the areas of your back and joints.

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Tuan Boy Hair Salon

Add: 66 Hung Vuong Street
Open Daily: 9:30am to 9pm | Prices: $2-$4USD

Tuan has cut hair all over Asia & won awards for expert hair colouring. Framed certificates from Tony & Guy decorate the walls. In addition to professional hair colouring & cutting they offer massage & manicures. The salon has A/C so it’s a nice escape from the heat & full of local characters coming in & out.

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