7 hair salon addresses for tourists in Hoi An

beauty hair salons in Hoi AnUp to now, the Vietnamese’s idea is “teeth and hair are important part of body”. Really, hair is an indispensable part for each of us. Now that life becomes more and more modern, beauty becomes indispensable too. Nice hair, a trendy hairstyle contribute to the beauty and attraction of women and makes men more elegant and manly.

Taking good care of your hair is very important so do not let yourself be prevented from grooming. Beautiful hair makes you chicer, more confident and gives you more class. Nice hair makes the women more beautiful. Pretty hair makes men more attractive. Beautiful hair gives us complete confidence anytime and anywhere.

Hairdresser team is becoming more professional, so you should choose a hairstyle that fits with your physique, age and fashion. Do not hesitate any longer, let your hair be adorned beautiful by an expert.

7 famous hair salons in Hoi An, Vietnam

1. Xuan Trinh hair salon

It is in the centre of the old town and is the oldest hair salon in Hoi An with over 55 years of operation. Xuan Trinh hair salon is the best choice for gentlemen.

hair salons in hoi anAdd: 91 Tran Phu street.

2. Quang Thao hair salon

If you come to Quang Thao hair salon, they will surely advise you a trendy hairstyle. With a dynamic style, professionalism. Quang Thao hair salon always meets his customers expectations.

hair salons in hoi anAdd: 45 Ba Trieu street.

Cell phone: 0905031390.

3. Ngoc Nguyen hair salon

It is a combination of 2 beautiful, dynamic girls with experienced workmanship. They specialize in catering for ladies.

hair salons in hoi anAdd: 618 Hai Ba Trung street.

Cell phone: 0935756144 – 0936179940.

4. Thanh Mai hair salon.

It has been a famous hair salon since the 80s. Although there are more and more hair salons opening, Thanh Mai hair salon still affirms its brand.

hair salons in hoi anAdd: 84 Phan Chu Trinh street.

Phone: 05103861814.

5. Son Trinh hair salon

Despite a street with many hair salons, Son Trinh has confirmed its position with its customers. Son Trinh always satisfies his even the most demanding customers.

hair salons in hoi an

Add: 152 Nguyen Truong To street.

Cell phone: 0938045368.

6. Tuan Lien hair salon

With many staffs and attentive service, Tuan Lien is always affable satisfies his customers.

hair salons in hoi anAdd: 200 Ly Thuong Kiet street.

Cell phone: 0905145324.

7. Quang hair salon

It is located in a modest corner near the Japanese bridge and is a popular hair salon serving men. The people who live near here often visit this hair salon to get a moment of relaxation and hear him tell stories about the old town as if he were a professional tour guide.

hair salons in hoi an

Add: 25 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.
Cell: 0932569122.


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