The nostalgic wall

The nostalgic wall is on a small street, named Hoang Van Thu, colored by memories of smog and moss. Many people say that, this wall is the most photographs well in Hoi An. This wall carries so much sediment of its golden past, and now it is regarded as the soul of the old town.

The old house is at 42 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, near the Chinese house of five states and Bach Dang street. This old house is of three or four generation of grandchildren of “the Trần family”, a Chinese family, living in Hoi An. It has become more famous than its owners. It`s gone through many ups and downs over time, it has seen many changes… With the harsh weather of the middle of Viet Nam. It`s sometimes scroching, sometime it rains causing the yearly floods. It has changed colors and had weathered.

nostalgic wall 1Most people have kept their impressive moments at this wall

However, the house has been restored a few times but the owners of the house seem to forget this wall. They keep in it original and naturally. Despite it being weathered, thus, it has become a monument that keeps the soul of the old town. If it is new color, it will lose its soul, and it will no longer be a nostalgic wall of the old town.

nostalgic wall 2A corner of Hoang Van Thu street

The wall is only a few tens of meters long, but the locals gather here to trade products such as: “bánh bèo”, “sweet lotus seed”… In front of the wall, there are bag shops, shoe shops, souvenir shops… The attraction of the wall are the moss, staineds and its dilapidated the state. Anyone passing by will stop viewing it, a couple will not forget taking romantic photos during the sunset or sunrise.

nostalgic wall3Behind the close door is an old well which the neighborhood
 used to get fresh water
 IMG_6059_resizeIf you look closely, you will see a natural heart on the left 
corner of the window. Perhaps, it is a heart of the soul in tune

The wall is like a water color painting of an eminent painter. You will be enchanted and amazed its past. Hoi An is where you can find kindred souls, it`s the convergence of the simple things. Thus, a common wall has become the destination for locals and tourists.

IMG_6070_resizeA green weed tree on the the moss roof seems to be the 
simple things of life

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