Tailor shops in Hoi An

tailorshop1Welcome to Hoi An, a small port town in the middle of Vietnam, where experienced tailors eagerly await for your order. You may be thinking this is impossible, or it would cost a fortune.

In Hoi An you will have the luxury of walking into a shop knowing that whatever you buy will fit perfectly and that every detail will be as you wish.You will find an array of different colors, patterns, textures & quality of fabric. The biggest dilemma will be which color to choose for your new outfit!  So it’s a really good idea to buy silken dress materials and then get them stitched by a local tailor.  Get the measurements of your friends and relatives and surprise them with amazing gifts.  If you don’t know exactly what you want, the tailors will happily guide you along and make sure you are satisfied with your order. Pockets or no pockets? How long should that skirt be? And what color buttons for that shirt? The tailors will cater to your requests and make sure that you will look great in the clothes that they make for you.

Here are some tips to help you shop…

1.    If you want clothes, don’t just buy the first item you see in the first shop, go and check prices and keep comparing till you are happy.

2.    Always driving a hard bargain when shopping in Hoi An. Hard does not mean aggressive. Please note, some will cheat you if you try bargain to much. The trick is to bargain with a smile and to be polite – this way, you will probably get what you want at a price with which you and the dealer are both happy.


3.    Be Realistic – The tailors of Hoi An will try to make whatever you ask for, but they can’t work miracles. Go with what you know!

4.    Select Quality Fabric – This is the difficult part! Some shops carry better quality fabric to others. Look for the best fabrics instead of the lowest price.

5.    Bring a Photo -The shops only have “The Next Catalogue” to show you. You will need to choose cut and style after choosing fabric. Bring fashion magazines, catalogues or photos – show them what you want!

6.    Bring clothes – The tailors in Hoi An can copy the size but not necessarily the fabric. With a template to copy, you can expect your new fitted clothes returned in 2 days. It is possible to do it in 1 day but rushing leads to inferior quality. At the start, explain that you prefer a good job to a fast job, ask for at least two fittings.

7.    Be Clear – Simpler products are cheaper to make – clearly express what you require: type of hem, collar or cuff – fitted or not – how many buttons. Once you throw in patterns, the options are endless.


8.    Eye for Quality – Did they give you what you asked for? Any lumps and bumps in the fabric? Secondary stitching? Re-enforced stress points? There are many ways to cut corners.

Dress: starting at $30
Skirt: $12-$35
Shirt: starting at $15
Pants: starting at $8
Suits: $80 to $125

Some Recommendations

Beli Fashion
635 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An, Vietnam.

Cay Me Shop
2/6 Le Loi Hoi an

Bao khanh Silk
99 -101 Tran Hung Dao Hoi An

Phuong Shop
325 Nguyen Duy Hieu Hoi An
Phone: +84 908344875

Hanh Hung Shop
103 Tran Hung Dao Hoi An

New World Shop
70 Nguyen Thai Hoc Hoi An

Thang Loi
92 Phan Chu Trinh Hoi An

Luna shop
03 Cua Dai Hoi An