Things not to miss on your trip to Hoi An


1.    Take a lazy boat ride on the river.  Catch any tourist boat from Bach Dang St, there is a size and price to suit every budget and persuasion, shop around.

2.    Red Bridge Cooking School.  One of the most professional activities I have taken part in in Vietnam.  And we made fabulous tasting local food ourselves – lots of fun and well worth the seemingly expensive $25 price tag.  Forgo breakfast, there’s LOTS of food – and they cater to vegetarians!

3.    Pick up a copy of the little Live Hoi An booklet, a lovely monthly tiny magazine about Hoi An.  Lots more ideas of current things to do, bike rides out of town and the like.

4.    Look out for the Full Moon Festival, once every month.  Take a boat (70,000VND) down the river at night and float a lantern on the water and watch thousands of candles making their way out to sea.

5.    Also, keep an eye open for the once-a-year Dragon Festival.  When it’s on, you will know about it – drums beat every day for a week while the children practice for the big night.  Trucks of performers come in from surrounding towns to display their dragons and dancing on 10-foot high poles.

Source: Jadeleonard’s blog

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6. Join Hoi An Food Tour
Taking a food tour is a great way to enjoy Hoi An local food as well as street food and know more about Hoi An’s life, Hoi An cuisine. Hanging around with local guides who are funny, friendly, enthussiastic and smart, trying Hoi An specialities and having fun is the best way to spend your time in Hoi An. The tour is more than a food tour on which you can get more into local life. An evening food tour is perfect for those who want to experience Hoi An’s traditional games like bai choi, blindfolded hit the pot and release the paper lanterns down onto the river on a boat along the river. Have a look at Hoi An evening walking food tour.