Shopping in Hoi An

Any trip remains incomplete without shopping. And when Shopping in Hoi An is such an exotic experience, then you simply can’t afford to miss it. The streets of the ancient town are packed with stores of all manner of boutiques, galleries, tailors, textile shops and home decor stores, shopping would give you a perfect accompaniment on your trip.

World’s some of the best quality silk is available in Hoi An. Hoi An has an array of tailor shops. The best idea is to buy silken dress materials and then get them stitched by a local tailor. You would not only get your dress done within a day but you would also get it at a very cheaper rate.

Not only clothes but you would also find several apparels and home decors, like wall hangings and lampshades made of silk. You can also pick up the beautiful silk lanterns, which comes at very reasonable rates.

Shopping in Hoi An-2nother bargain here is original artworks. Once again, the town is home to a huge number of art galleries, many of which offer seriously cheap works that will look great on the wall at home. Hoi An also boasts a few more up-market galleries displaying pricey works by some of Vietnam’s leading artists –  not cheap but Vietnamese art is becoming increasingly collectible.

The other shopping items include artifacts, antiques, small bonsai plants, junk jewelries, marble statues, and small hand-crafted gift items. Lanterns, textiles and embroidery are also plentiful in Hoi An and make for an ideal souvenir or gift.

Tip for shopping

Experienced visitors to Vietnam recommend always driving a hard bargain when shopping in Hoi An. Hard does not mean aggressive, however. The trick is to bargain with a smile and to be polite – this way, you will probably get what you want at a price with which you and the dealer are both happy. If you have time to spare, it is always wise to compare products and prices; don’t just buy the first item you see in the first shop.
Shopping in Hoi An-3

Many people will also tell you that buying from street vendors is cheaper than buying in malls or markets, but this is not always the case, so shop around. It is better to take your time and enjoy searching for good Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends.

And What to buy more….

 Our Transfer Services in Hoi An

Da Nang Airport- Hoi An Hotels: 17 USD/ 1 way
Hoi An- My Son Sanctuary: 37 USD
Hoi An- Marble Mountain- China Beach- Cham Museum- Hoi An: 45 USD
Da Nang Airport- Marble Mountain- China Beach- Hoi An: 35 USD
Hoi An- Hue city: 70 USD/1 way. Stop Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach
Hoi An- My Lai Massacre: 75 USD

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