Rent a rowing boat: observe Sunset in Hoi An

Coming to this peaceful city, don?t pass up the chance to sit on a small boat in the early evening. . You can rent a rowing boat just next to the market hall (around 2 USD) – one hour is probably long enough for most travelers. Try to do this shortly before sunset and you’ll feel like you?re gliding on liquid gold. Boats that carry up to five people can also be hired to visit handicraft and fishing villages in the area; expect to pay around US$4 per hour. Look for the boats near the dock close to the market. Another good place to be is Cam Nam Bridge, the big bridge open to cars. From Cam Nam Bridge, you’ll have a wonderful view onto the market and its hustling and bustling. In the soft evening light, this view could be from a Southeast Asian fairytale! Watch the vendors calling for potential customers, washing their lettuce or having a chat with their neighbors. . Enjoy the atmosphere of the market, and if brave enough, go there and buy something by yourself! Remember to haggle over everything – otherwise people will cheat you.