Hoi An To My Lai Massacre Site by Private Car

On March 16th, 1963 there was a massacre at the small village of My Lai. 504 people were killed by American soldiers in only 5 hours, including women and children. This was an absolute tragedy for the local people as … Continue reading

My Son Santuary

My Son is a popular sightseeing attraction in Vietnam. It is considered the counterpart of other Indian Influenced civilization, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Lo Pagan in Myanmar, among others. My Son, located 69 km southwest of Da … Continue reading

Marble Mountains

Mhe Marble Mountains are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. There are so well known that they have become a symbol of the area. The subtle, poetical ambience of the pagodas, grottoes, trees and bushes, the mixed … Continue reading

Hue, The Ancient Imperial Capital

Hue has been the capital of Vietnam, the feudal sovereignty, from 1744 when the Nguyen lords controlled all of southern Vietnam. The city is one of the most popular Vietnam destinations. It was severely damaged during the American war, in … Continue reading

Bach Ma National Park – A Natural Wonderland

. On a planet where the environment changes daily for the worse, and natural flora and fauna is destroyed mercilessly, continuously, and irreversibly by humans, Bach Ma is one of these places where biodiversity is preserved and respected. Bach Ma … Continue reading

Ba Na

Only thirty-eight kilometers from the centre of Da Nang, Ba Na rises to a height of 1,482 meters. Travelling to Ba Na from the suburbs of Da Nang City, tourists may experience four seasons in a day: spring in the … Continue reading