Legendary Hawaii guitar music

Anyone who has ever come to Hoi An may hear the sound of music of this old town. The melodies sound sometimes rises, sometimes goes low, seems to be up in the air and freezes on the roofs of the … Continue reading

Reasons to visit Hoi An

1. Peaceful and relaxing city Hoi An is the perfect place to break your journey midway through Vietnam.  Hoi An is very different than cities like Ha Noi or Saigon. It is a very peaceful & relaxing city and has … Continue reading

Fast Facts

Location & Geographical Hoi An is located on the northern bank of the Thu Bon river in the Quang Nam province, on the south central coast of Viet Nam. The town is about 30 kilometers south of Da Nang city. … Continue reading

Brief History

You are interested in discovering a country’s history and beautiful culture, and don’t know where your next stop is? Hoi An is the answer! It’s the perfect destination – the famous Ancient Town in Mid Southern Vietnam, Hoi An has … Continue reading

Hoi An Etiquette

Hoi An, popularly identified as Faifo, it is a picturesque town set along the coasts of South China Sea. The place is known as a shopping paradise that attracts you towards its wonderful souvenirs, craft handiworks, antique pieces, silk materials … Continue reading

Ancient Architecture

Hoi An is an ancient city located downstream of Thu Bon river in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, at 30 km from Da nang city. Here retains almost intact for more than a thousand monuments architecture with bold … Continue reading