Cao Lau

Cao Lau is the foremost traditional food in Hoi An. Visitors to Hoi An always remember Cao Lau, which was considered by the Quang Nam people as a special symbol representing Hoi An. Cao Lau does not taste like any … Continue reading

Banh Xeo

“Banh xeo” is Vietnamese style crepe with whole shrimp, thinly sliced pork and bean sprouts. “Banh xeo” is a popular street snack in Vietnam, especially in the Central and the South of Viet Nam. The name means “sound crepe,” the … Continue reading

Bánh “Phu Thê”

Where to buy Phu The Cake? 68 Le Loi 10 Le Loi 15 Le Loi In Vietnam,“Banh Phu The” is a special cake is a special cake which symbolizes the loyalty of a husband and wife… The original name for … Continue reading

Chili sauce of Hoi An

Where to buy Hoi An Chili sauce? 56 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, 43 Nguyen Thai Hoc St 41 Nguyen Thai Hoc St Trieu Phat chili sauce is a famous brand name. Any delicacies also indispensable part of any spices, chili … Continue reading

Banh It La Gai

In many rural regions in the country, “banh it la gai”, a kind of cake, has existed in life of the Quang people for a long time. It has become meaningful offering in the traditional lunar new year ’s festival, … Continue reading

Banh Beo

Banh beo is also one of the favorite traditional dishes in Hoi An and the surrounding rural regions (not to be mistaken for a very different Banh beo, served to royal families in Hue). Banh beo is made of a … Continue reading