7 Places where taking a lot of nice photographs in Hoi An

During the New Year’s days Spring is coming very close with the steps are very quick and quiet. How to wait for the most beautiful season of the year has arrived, everyone also wears the latest clothes, takes a walk … Continue reading

7 kinds of flower for Tet holiday in Hoi An

Spring comes, various flowers are bloom and scent. Flowers are in everywhere, we can see the beautiful scenery of flowers at anywhere. Nature becomes better to welcome the spring of life. For Vietnamese, also for people in Hoi An, they … Continue reading

Peaceful Christmas in Hoi An

Everytime hearing the famous melody of the song “We wish a merry Christmas” our hearts rejoice. Everybody gladly welcomes the lovely Christmas season. Today, Christmas has becomes an anticipated event for the Vietnamese at the end of the year. Beside … Continue reading

Enjoying vegetarian food in Hoi An

In our modern society, people want to stay closer to the true value of nature. Therefore, enjoying vegetarian dishes becomes more popular, (vegetarian means not consuming meat) Today, people are not only vegetarian for religions reasons but also out of … Continue reading

Popular cakes in Hoi An

With natural ingredients, hard work and creativity, Hoi An has produced a rustic cake that attracts everyone. Cakes are sold at the markets, sidewalks and street corners keeping alive an old tradition. Cakes from Hoi An are appreciated as gifts … Continue reading

Enjoying European Cakes in Hoi An

Hoi An Travel is evolving more, Hoi An cuisine is becoming an indispensable, a must experience for travelers. Thus, a modern and artistic style cuisine has come to Hoi An. After arriving in Hoi An, that art has changed a … Continue reading

Top 5 Strategies for “hunting” review on Tripadvisor

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Pho Noodle soup in Hoi An

Pho – Noodle soup is a special dish from Hoi An. Everyone in Hoi An usually enjoy it for breakfast or it can also be substituted for lunch and dinner meal. Hoi An Pho – noodle soup is a delicious … Continue reading

5 bodybuilding and aerobic club addresses in Hoi An

“To enjoy a glow of good health, you must exercise” Human health is another major role for development and progress of society. We have always appreciated the role of mental and physical health. A sick body will contain a weak … Continue reading

Enjoying sweet soup on the streetside in Hoi An

Whenever, hearing “the broad bean sweet soup with ice” mixed the familiar sound of the old town. We recall the rustic and delicious dish of our hometown. It is actually a snack dish of farmers when they relax during their … Continue reading