Leather fashion in Hoi An

Mentioning leather, people immediately think of a durable, beautiful and high-class material. besides it is suitable for all fashion products. Leather fashion makes passionate followers feel “the older it is, the more beautiful”. Especially, craft leather has become a favorite … Continue reading

Garment service in Hoi An

Year 2014 – A successful year of  Hoi An tourism. It has contributed to the fame of Viet Nam tourism and has received praise from newspapers around the world. Therefore, Hoi An is a great destination for tourists. With the … Continue reading

Where to buy unique handicraft souvenirs in Hoi An

Hoi An old town – a great tourist city, where you not only come to visit, but also can experience shopping delight with a lot of wonderful shops. More especially what you may not know is that Hoi An has … Continue reading

The flower shops in Hội An

Nowadays, instead of saying something, we often prefer to give flowers with countless of beautiful colors and scents we send each other hidden messages. Therefor, receiving and giving flowers has become an important part of our lives. Although there aren’t … Continue reading

Where to buy Hoi An lanterns?

Traditional lanterns are special product from Hoi An ancient town. Once travelling there, you can’t miss such a beautiful masterpiece of this accent town. Vietnamese believe that hanging a couple of lanterns in front of their houses will bring the … Continue reading

Tips For Shopping Cloths In Hoi An

Hoi An is best known for its custom clothing trade and is the multitude of tailor shops.  You might have a nice outfit just in several days or hours with a reasonable price. You will find an array of different … Continue reading

Tips For Shopping Shoes

From zany sneakers, to posh Brogues, dress heels or flip flops, Hoi An’ s surfeit of shoe stores and designs to suit all walks of life. Many designs are heavily influenced from European style. If you are looking for completely … Continue reading