Where to stay in Hoi An

Hoi An is now enjoying something of a renaissance as visitors flock to the once peaceful town. The ancient streets and temples have withstood this modern onslaught remarkably well, and Hoi An remains a “must see” on any tour of Vietnam. Hoi An is very small town but it has 84 hotels from guest house to luxury resort. Deciding on where to stay in Hoian just got that bit challenging! It is important that you ask yourself the following questions when selecting a hotel to stay in Hoi An, so you can determine what place is ideal for you.

What part of Hoi An do you plan to stay in? Near the beach or near the town?

wheretostay1Hoi An is divided into three areas and these areas usually determine the range of hotel rates. Do you want your hotel to be situated in Old Quarter, where most attractions, restaurant, shops can be found? Or near the riverside where you can see local fisherman catch fish. However, if you want to stay near Cua Dai Beach then the 4-5 resorts are probably what you’re looking for.

How much can you afford?

Now that we have got a specific location in mind, the next step to take is to count our available dollars. Hotels in Hoi An range from the budget to high end price. As basic rules, the features are somewhat dependent on the star and price.

What features / services do you need?

If you are on some sort of relaxing holiday, then definitely you would prefer a hotel with pool, fitness center. You need to check out hotel facilities and see what best suits the event you have in mind. Also, not all hotels in Hoi An come with standard pools, spas and fitness centers so you must take all these things in consideration as you try hit upon the best place to stay in Hoi An.

Who are you with?

If you’re bringing kids, then not all hotels in Hoi An can open their doors to welcome you. If you are with children, we can suggest hotels like the Windbell Homestay, Pacific Hotel that are both famous for reliable, warm and efficient services.


It is very important for you to check the weather before choosing hotels. If you travel from September to January, stay near town looks more interesting than beach. This is rainy season so you cannot enjoy the sunshine.

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