Photo Exhibition of Vietnam Heritage 2014 in Hoi An Silk Village

Photo Exhibition of Vietnam Heritage 2014 has just opened at Hoi An Silk Village (28 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Hoi An) which features the 100 most outstanding photos in the Viet Nam Heritage Photo Awards.


The exhibition is part of the 3rd Viet Nam Heritage Photo Awards, which was organized by the Viet Nam Heritage Magazine in July, sponsored mainly by Canon (the first time was in 2012). “The purpose of the awards is to call on the community to pay more attention to promoting the fine values of the country’s natural and cultural heritages which are in need of conservation, said Le Thanh Hai – General Editor Vietnam Heritage. This year, the competition organizers have received a total of 4,402 entries from 470 photographers from 10 years old to 83 years old.

The exhibition in Hoi An Silk Village will last until March 10, 2015. The village is home to the conservation and demonstration of sericulture, silk cocoons unraveling and silk weaving craft in the manner of Quang Nam people, Champa. It also the place where the precious genes of mulberry, silk worm, and especially the hundred-year mulberry roots are stored.