Death anniversary of the founder of Kim Bồng carpentry

  • Time: 13 February 2016
  • Place: Tien Hien Temple and Kim Bong Carpentry Village
Time Activity Place
05:30-07:00 Worshipping ceremony Tien Hien Temple
07:00-07:30 Welcome guests
07:30-09:00 – Death anniversary of the founder
Worshipping the founder of Kim Bong carpentry Carpenters’ families, ship yards,..
09:00-15:30 – Traditional career presentation: + Engraving + Mat weaving + Making round bamboo basket boats and baskets Kim Bong carpentry village center
09:00-16:30 – Folk games: + Traditional bingo + Tug of war + Pot Breaking + Sack race + Chinese chess Mini park
09:00-16:30 – Village food  market: Quảng noodles, Cao Lau, rice pancake, Beo cake, corn sweet soup, steamed corn, grilled corn, sweet potato and fruits Mini park
– Tour Hội An – Kim Bồng Carpentry Village -Triêm Tây

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  • Address: Trung Châu hamlet, Cẩm Kim commune, Hội An city
  • Tel: (0510) 3834244
  • Email: [email protected]