Những bệnh dễ mắc khi đi du lịch

Travellers should ensure they are covered by comprehensive travel insurance, which should include the possibility of medical evacuation to another country better equipped to dealing with serious medical matters. . You should contact your GP before travelling to Vietnam to check for up-to-date inoculation information for the country. . It is best to drink bottled water that is mineral water. You must avoid going to any mosquito-infested region. Otherwise there is just a chance that you might get infected with Dengue. One more notable piece of information about Hoi An is that there are no international hospitals due to the fact that it is a very small town and the medical facilities are not very well developed here. Though it is preferable that while you are enjoying your journey you are not needed to visit the medical practitioner at all, but there are times when certain unavoidable circumstances occur. However, to deal with any kind of emergency or help, the city offers list of emergency and important contact numbers that will be helpful for visitors. In case you want information about city and its policy then you can also contact your respective foreign consulates in Hoi An. The Hoi An Hospitals guide is for those times. . ? Hoi An Hospital: 4 Tran Hung Dao St- Phone (84-510) 3 861365. ? Pacific Hospital: 06. Phan Dinh Phung- Phone (84-510)3 921656. You also find small medicine shops in the town of Hoi An, which might be able to satisfy your immediate medical requirements. ? Hoi An Pharmacies. – 64 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. – 156 Tran Phu St. – 32 Bach Dang St. – 39 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. – 21 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. – 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. – 2 Tran Hung Dao St.