Hoi An Emergency Numbers

Emergency is a sudden unforseen crisis that can occur anytime in one’s life. An emergency is called for when there is a threat for life or a grave damage to personal possesions, material belongings as well as other external factors. When an emergency takes place there is a need for immediate action as per the requirement. Hoi An Emergency Numbers should always be carried along in case you are traveling to Hoi An. One never knows when one may be in dire need of the emergency numbers especially while staying in this province. Emergency can be of many types. It can be Medical, Personal, Fire Related, Police related, Ambulance, Courier, Post related, Telephone and many others.
Some of the Hoi An Emergency Numbers are given below:

Numbers    Client

113     Police
114     Fire Brigade
115     Ambulance
116     Phone Number Inquiries
117     Time Inquiries
119     Advice on Telephone Repairs
0        Domestic Direct Dialing Access Code
00       International Direct Dialing Access Code
1081    Yellow Pages Information & Consultancy Service
1080    General Information Service
142      International Telephone Service Rate

The Vietnam international country code is +84. In case you need to connect over through phone, first dial 00 after which one can dial the country code and the desired phone number. Local phones within the area can be easily got through. One can dial for the International phone calls from within the post offices. Post offices can be visited during 8.00 am to 8 or 9.00 pm. One can own a prepaid phone-card system or a private telephone number while touring to Vietnam with the help of a GSM. Internet services are readily available with a charge of about 3,000 to 5.000 VND per hour.