Hoi An Etiquette


Hoi An, popularly identified as Faifo, it is a picturesque town set along the coasts of South China Sea. The place is known as a shopping paradise that attracts you towards its wonderful souvenirs, craft handiworks, antique pieces, silk materials and art paintings etc. The useful information about Hoi An provide you all information related to facilities provided by the city and various other facts about the city.

The Etiquette & Behavior of the people of Hoi An in Vietnam consists in embracing the dictum of simple living. This is a town of well-behaved and friendly people who don’t have any airs about themselves.

The people of Hoi An believe in their customs and traditional requirements very much. You will see the school girls neatly dressed in their white ‘ao dai’ uniforms. The Etiquette and Behavior of the people of Hoi An is deeply rooted in their cultural heritage, which has taught them to be humble.

There is another thing, which you are bound to like about their Etiquette & Behavior, that is, their warm-hearted behavior towards the visitors. Not even for one moment will you feel like you are in a foreign land with strange people. If you are heard singing a song, then you might as well be invited to a marriage party. You might also be invited by the young boys for a lesson on Vietnamese culture.

On your visit to Hoi An you just need to keep one thing in mind, that is, you have to show respect to the people, particularly if you are entering a religious site. Don’t wear tight-fitting or revealing clothes. It is also considered rude to speak loudly, laugh or be open affectionate. Quite appreciation is the key and if you do that then you will be showered with double the love and respect, you gave them. Such is the Etiquette and Behavior of Hoi An.