7 kinds of flower for Tet holiday in Hoi An

Spring comes, various flowers are bloom and scent. Flowers are in everywhere, we can see the beautiful scenery of flowers at anywhere. Nature becomes better to welcome the spring of life. For Vietnamese, also for people in Hoi An, they … Continue reading

The nostalgic wall

The nostalgic wall is on a small street, named Hoang Van Thu, colored by memories of smog and moss. Many people say that, this wall is the most photographs well in Hoi An. This wall carries so much sediment of … Continue reading

A perfect three day tour in Hoi An

Hoi An is a small nestled at the lower section of Thu Bon River, where it flows into the sea. Hoi An has still carried with simple, peaceful and charm lifestyle, it makes you never forget after you leave. Coming … Continue reading

Xin Chao Hoi An

If you love photography and want to experience  a REAL Hoi An’s life (without tourists), “Xin Chao ” Hoi An Tour is a must do. You can find good spots for good pictures everywhere since during the day there are a lot of tourists and … Continue reading

Hoi An Food Tour

Hoian Local Food Tour is perfect for anyone with a short amount of time who wants to discover some of the lesser known dishes that the locals love to eat. You will become a Vietnam food expert in just 4 … Continue reading

FREE Kim Bong Village Bicycle Tour

FREE Kim Bong Village Bicycle Tour- Cam Kim Island. Cam Kim is a scenic rural island which is almost entirely free of tourists. This pleasant ride gives the cyclist a fantastic sampling of the countryside of Vietnam, meandering through stunning … Continue reading

Things not to miss on your trip to Hoi An

1.    Take a lazy boat ride on the river.  Catch any tourist boat from Bach Dang St, there is a size and price to suit every budget and persuasion, shop around. 2.    Red Bridge Cooking School.  One of the most … Continue reading

Hire a motorbike or a bicycle – A fantastic way to see the town

If the traffic in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi scared you, Hoi An is a good place to learn, and hiring a bike is ideal if you want to explore the town and the surroundings. You will be riding your … Continue reading

Tailor shops in Hoi An

Welcome to Hoi An, a small port town in the middle of Vietnam, where experienced tailors eagerly await for your order. You may be thinking this is impossible, or it would cost a fortune. In Hoi An you will have … Continue reading

Shopping in Hoi An

Any trip remains incomplete without shopping. And when Shopping in Hoi An is such an exotic experience, then you simply can’t afford to miss it. The streets of the ancient town are packed with stores of all manner of boutiques, … Continue reading